Before we understand the scope of digital marketing, we first need to understand this industry. Digital marketing is a method to promote products online. In layman’s terms, Digital Marketing Career is where you sell product, model or companies with Digital units and raise the visibility over the web. It’s all about the right way to get your online business acknowledged over the web or online by

internet users. A digital marketer needs to create, Implement, observe and optimize the campaigns all around the digital advertising and marketing channels. So if you have taken up marketing as your specialization in your professional course, are a tech savvy person and have the terrific selling skills in you, then digital marketing is the course for you.


Let us probe more int this field and understand the science behind this very IN course of today’s world. In every era, we have seen the evolution of marketing based on what the customer is using. From radio advertising to mobile phones we have indeed come a long way. Therefore with the emergence of internet, came a new era of marketing originally called Internet marketing, which is now called Digital Marketing.


Digital marketing requires a skill set which is designed to suit the needs of today’s competitive world. Everyone from students, HR professional, sales & marketing, customer support, IT professionals, developers, web designers, stay at home parents, fresh graduates, entrepreneurs, bloggers, content writers want to get into digital marketing.

If you are planning to take up Digital Marketing Career as a profession then you need to keep in mind that digital marketing is a very broad space to focus. Although there is no such thing as a formal qualification required to be a digital marketer but advertising and marketing programs can improve your expertise in marketing or web site conversion optimization, digital advertising and marketing, social media advertising and marketing and search engine advertising. Networking with likeminded people or being an apprentice with some of the best digital marketers in the industry might give you just the boost you need. This will give you the vitality to remain consistently curious and challenged.


So what are the prerequisites for being a digital marketer?
Think of outcomes which let you become a wise digital marketer.
Be Constructive
Ability to execute and analyze drip advertising and marketing campaigns
Mixture of Creativity and Analytical skills
Good Copy and visible storytelling skills
A likable Character
Capacity to investigate quantifiable metrics
Having Design Data shall be an add-on

To conclude, it can be said that there are two Sides to Digital Marketing Career, one for fresher’s and one for knowledgeable professionals. For fresher’s, it’s critical for fresher’s to be conscious about what is in and what is out, undergo the fundamentals of Digital marketing, learn the fundamentals of search engine marketing, social media, PR, different websites, copywriting and do a lot of case research. The professionals on the other hand are already been there, done that. One needs to be extremely artistic with expertise in knowing the target audience and devising digital campaigns that interact, inform and inspire. Always take the 80/20 rule and focus on all of the efforts on what’s working effectively for the enterprise.

Watch out for the next blog about more on digital marketing specialization, digital entrepreneurship and much more.

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