The greatest obstacle to solving problems is the belief that you cannot solve them. Self-doubt makes people afraid to stand up to their problems. But the truth is, when you do stand up to your difficulties, very often your difficulties will no longer stand up to you. By having a positive attitude and optimism, you will not only have a positive impact on people’s lives by constantly looking for ways and means to bring the GOOD on the surface through everything you do, but there will be a positive impact on the world we all live in. Remember that you cannot help one person without helping yourself.
Positive thinking is so relaxing. There is no strain or stress when one is thinking positively. The negative vibes

around us come from trying to be someone we aren’t.

One remarkable if seldom remarked benefit of positive energy is that it makes kinsmen out of strangers. It unites kingdoms, settles wars, links cultures and forges bonds that otherwise are all but impossible. When we think of the diverse people who have become special to us because of the positive vibes that we exchanged, our educational and cultural differences shrink to insignificance. Going forward they have a call on our resources and we on theirs, not because of any special deservedness but because they share a positive bond. Positivity matters and so does the fact that we are forgetting how much it matters.

Experience has taught again and again that the secret of getting along with people with negative vibes is to recognise how they feel and to let them know – when someone is rude and quarrelsome, it’s often a way of saying “pay attention to my feelings”. When we say to someone “It’s ok, i understand that you are going through a rough patch” we are really saying “I know how you feel”.

Positivity and affirmations are a form of learned, automatic behavior that provides pleasure and comfort. Negativity has long term consequences but it still gives immediate comfort but under stress. The automatic tendency is to revert back to being confident that there is light at the end of the tunnel. To permanently rid yourself of negativity, you to have to simultaneously unlearn certain behaviours and replace them with new ones. This unlearning provides gratification and helps you get over life’s rough spots. It may seem difficult, but with practice and persistence, it can be done. Think about it this way – at the end of this rough day, rough week, rough weekend, rough year, i have myselfand people i can come back to and everything will seem and

be alright eventually.

We see a unity of all things we once thought were falling out of place. We see a dazzling visionof the kinship we all have with another and with the universal life around us. Everyone who has ever had a moment has noted this quality of “melting into”. There is a feeling that life is whole. I and my world are part of each other, i and all life united in a bond of positivity and compliance. And we feel free to be ourselves. Suddenly we see who we are and what we are meant to be. All doubts, fears, inhibitions, tensions and weaknesses are left behind. This is our true self, our positivity and we have found it.

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